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Some Myths and Facts about Area 51

In the middle of the barren Nevada desert, there’s a dusty unmarked road that leads to the front gate of Area 51. It’s protected by little more than a chain link fence, a boom gate, and intimidating trespassing signs. One would think that America’s much mythicized top secret military base would be under closer guard,

10 ‘Myths’ That Are ‘Facts’ In North Korea

North Korea announced that it was improving its nuclear arsenal in both “quality and quantity.” It’s main nuclear complex is now fully operation, North Korea said. Then the country went a step further and threatened the United States; it said that North Korea was “fully ready to cope with them with nuclear weapons at any

10 myths about India

Considering that the world is more connected and people are better informed than at any time in history, it is somewhat amazing that certain areas of the world are still surrounded by an air of mystery, myth, and misunderstanding. This is particularly true with regards to India. This is especially surprising considering India’s long cultural

Bermuda Triangle Stories: Myth Or Reality?

Mystery around the notorious Bermuda Triangle continues to intrigue scientists as well as regular people. There are numerous theories and possibilities surrounding it, but no concrete conclusions that unravel the secret behind the weird disappearances of flights and ships passing the Triangle’s territory. If you are among those who have just faintly heard of it,

Mount Everest is the Tallest Mountain

What is the Tallest Mountain in the World? Mount Everest has the highest elevation above sea level, the tallest mountain is Mauna Kea from the ocean floor, and Chimborazo is highest from earth’s center (due to Earth’s shape).                                                                                This BBC Earth documentary explores the question “is Mount Everest really to tallest mountain”, it discusses

Hitler Never Used Chemical Weapons

Did Hitler Use Chemical Weapons? Hitler used chemical weapons, but he used them on his own people and not on the battlefield (as they had been banned in global warfare after WW1). A Quick History of Chemical Warfare as it Relates to WW2 Chemical weapons of sorts have been used for thousands of years, but their usage peaked
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